Technology can be a burden,

but it doesn't have to be.

Travel to the any corner of the world, without going around in circles.


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We offer the following at-home services:

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Computer Coaching

This is what we specialize in. We offer one-on-one personalized coaching sessions. We want to help you grow in confidence as you learn how to send and receive emails, open and organize photos, communicate with friends and family, print documents and pictures, and anything else you would like to do with your computer or mobile device.

Network Setup

Maybe Comcast just sent you a new router that you're not sure what to do with, or you can't seem to access the internet on your computer or mobile device. We can troubleshoot your network and make sure you have a wireless signal or internet access.

Computer Maintenance & Tune-Up

Computer incredibly slow or having a lot of hang-ups? Or maybe it just won't turn on! Sometimes it takes opening your computer up to see what the problem is. Sometimes this requires taking your computer back to our shop for more complex maintenance or replacing of internal parts.

General Tech

We can also help you set up a T.V. or get you better acquainted with that new digital camera you just got. Anything tech we’re happy to help with.

Computer Virus Removal

Don't wait to take care of potential viruses! Your personal information could be at risk. If you consistently have a slow computer, or notice things that weren't there before, you might be in need of a virus cleanup. Virus cleanups can be simple or quite extensive and time consuming. Depending on the extent of the infection, it might be necessary to work on your computer at our shop while it runs multiple scans and reboots several times.

Recovery of Important Information

Loosing precious photos or important emails and documents can often be a scary and frustrating thing. We can attempt to recover your information or take a corrupted hard drive out of your computer and replace it with a new one and restore precious files to it.

Website Design

We provide affordable simple website design so that your business, hobby, or art can have it's own space on the web.


If it's time for you to shop for a new computer or mobile device, we can assist you in picking out and purchasing the perfect device based on your specific needs and goals.

We're right around the corner, servicing all of Cape Cod. Give us a call now!